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      We specialize in teaching firearm safety and shooting skills to men and women with a variety of firearms knowledge and shooting experience.

      Whether you are just learning about firearms and have never shot a gun before or you are a law enforcement officer who is interested in enhancing their tactical and defensive skills, we have a program for you!
       We offer a variety of NRA certified programs, pistol permit qualifications and tactical shooting courses to suit your specific needs. We can also qualify you for your Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, Florida and/or Utah (reciprocity recognized in up to 30 states*) pistol permits!
       Our instructors range from extremely knowledgeable civilians to men and women with law enforcement and military backgrounds. You will have the opportunity to learn from instructors with a wealth of knowledge who are dedicated to making your experience valuable and enjoyable!
      Many of our courses offer hands on training and you will have the opportunity to practice what you learned in the classroom on a safe and controlled firing range. Firearm safety is always our priority but enjoying what you are doing is just as important!
      We would love to come to your gun club or range and put on a course! Whether it is to certify your members as NRA Range Safety Officers, qualify them for their pistol permits or teach them firearms safety… We can bring any of our courses to your gun club… just let us know what you are interested in.
      Finally, we always offer discounts to gun clubs/ranges (if you host our course) and to military veterans as well. We truly enjoy teaching people and we understand the importance of educating others in proper firearms use and safety.